Fall is a favorite season for many. Whether you love to see the leaves change color on the trees or you can’t wait for “everything pumpkin”, there’s just something about the change in season that shifts one’s internal climate as well. For me, it brings about memories that feel like a warm, cozy hug.

But this fall already feels different. Rather than feeling like a warm, cozy hug, it feels like something is brewing in the witch’s cauldron, and I think I know why. I’ve noticed that many of my clients are feeling stuck these days, and I don’t mean stuck in the way of seeing their body shape or weight change.

I mean the type of stuck that feels like you are sinking in quicksand. The type of stuck that makes it feel like forward momentum is out of reach. It’s not only a tough position for the client to be in, but also tough to witness as a coach.

To be honest, I sat around a good portion of the weekend feeling stuck myself. First, I was feeling stuck about a certain situation I’ve been dealing with around advocating for myself around my physical health. It was occupying a lot of my mental space, the same mental space that had to be used to generate a blog post. 

All I could think about was how hard it was going to be to come up with a topic that would be interesting to others, particularly with a foggy mind and scattered thoughts.

Something suddenly spurred me to move into action, and I recognized that if I’m feeling stuck today, certainly others must be as well. And what could be better than sharing a tip on how to get unstuck, particularly if it worked so well for me today! 

“Fall forward. Sometimes, it’s the best way to figure out where you’re going. Never be discouraged, never hold back, give everything you got, and when you fall throughout life remember this: fall forward.” ~ Denzel Washington

No matter the reason for feeling stuck, you may find your thoughts revolve around all of the things that aren’t working well for you. You easily forget about all of the positive steps you’ve taken in your life to improve your mental and physical health and instead fixate on that never-ending feeling of nothingness. 

And on top of that, when you are feeling stuck, being assigned a list of things to do to help you get unstuck, probably feels even heavier. Even if you understand that moving more or eating better can be helpful in building momentum and enhancing your motivation, moving into action feels difficult, almost like carrying around a 200-pound backpack as you walk up a steep hill.

So today I’m giving you 1 thing to work on. Can you guess what that 1 thing is? Managing your thoughts!


Feeling stuck starts with your mindset and your fixation on negative thoughts. If you think that you are destined to feel stuck, guess what? You’re right! If you think that you have the power to stop feeling stuck, guess what? You’re right!

You see, our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts shape our perception of ourselves and our place in the world. It’s super easy to create a narrative that supports staying stuck. In a way, believing that you have no choice but to stay stuck provides safety. It’s scary to try to challenge your thoughts and beliefs. 

So face your fears and make a simple plan to fall forward, starting today. Make a commitment to yourself and choose to move through your fear by doing the following:

  • Take ownership of your thoughts and recognize that you have the power to change thoughts that are challenging. When negative thoughts come up, immediately think of one thing you’ve done well today. If even that feels like a challenge, start thinking about possibilities for your future. Dream big. Envision your day or week going according to plan, and act “as if” you are already moving closer to your goals!
  • Talk to someone who can help you see all of the ways that you’ve been accomplishing your goals – big or small. Maybe that’s a coach or maybe that’s your best friend. Ask them to share why they feel you’ve been so successful and breathe in the feeling of accomplishment! 
  • Instead of staying stuck by fixating on the same repetitive thoughts, move into action. Think about all of your favorite ways to care for yourself. Recognize that your body and mind can’t be separated and find a physical way to care for your body that will then translate into more positive thoughts. For me, these two things are taking a walk outside and taking a hot bath.

For more helpful tips around getting unstuck, this blog post is a great read! It was exactly what I needed to sit down and get this blog post written. Now my hope is that you take away some tips to help you “fall forward” instead of feeling stuck!

Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash