Here’s an uncomfortable truth: your metabolism couldn’t care less about the latest book you read, guru you follow, or study you analyzed. It’s unique and does what it does. Your job is to figure that out and begin working with it, not against it

Here’s a question for you: Which of these two breakfasts are the “healthiest” and best option for weight loss?

  • Choice #1: Bacon & Eggs
  • Choice #2: Oatmeal & Raisins

Which did you choose?

If you came up in the ’80s, you might have chosen the oatmeal, but you likely chose bacon and eggs if you follow trends of today. 

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you’d likely want the oatmeal, but if you are paleo or primal, you will select the bacon & eggs. 

If you were following the books and gurus 20 years ago, you’d choose oatmeal. If you follow the books, blogs, gurus of today, you will prefer bacon and eggs. 

If you let research guide you, you will choose one based on the latest study.

The idea that there is one way everyone should eat is asinine. Every human is different metabolically, psychologically, and in their personal preferences. Whether oatmeal or bacon is better depends on your unique physiology.

When trying to determine this for yourself, think about two things:

  1. What is the calorie load of each meal
  2. What is its calorie suppressing potential? 

For example, perhaps the bacon and eggs are 400 calories, but eating it you feel full quickly and stay full for many hours. As a result, you end up consuming 300 calories less than you would have otherwise at the end of the day.

Now consider the oats have 300 calories, but you are NOT satisfied and remain hungry with cravings as a result of eating them. As a result, you end up consuming an extra 600 calories over your body’s needs.

Depending on the individual, one of these meals might suppress future calorie intake or not. How much you eat and what you crave is directly influenced by what you ate or did not eat at past meals. Choices at one meal are influenced by choices at your last meal. 

The right choice depends. It may be oats, or it may be bacon.

Once you give up the notion some foods are better than others for all people, you can finally determine what foods are right for you.