Hey what’s up, it’s Dr. Jade Teta here. 

Your immune system is kinda mysterious. You don’t really know how strong or weak it is… until you get sick.  

Here’s the secret: your immune system is powered by the energy from your metabolism. So, a strong, flexible metabolism is a great indicator that your immune system is powered up and ready to defend you.  

Thankfully, your metabolism is a Chatty Cathy compared to the black box of your immune system. It’s telling you exactly what it thinks, ALL the time.  

So, measuring the strength of your metabolism is easy. And you can do it today, right after your next meal.  

In the hours after you eat, simply analyze these 3 “biofeedback” signals:  

1. Hunger – Do you feel full after a meal? Or do you feel like you didn’t eat enough? When you get hungry again, is it controllable or all-consuming? 

2. Energy – is your energy up and stable? Or do you experience “highs” and “crashes”? 

3. Cravings – Is there a flavor or texture you’re craving (salty, sweet, crunchy, fatty)? Do certain environments or activities (like watching TV) trigger you to eat, even if you’re not hungry? Do these cravings take over your mind? 

These biofeedback signals — known together as HEC — indicate how your metabolism is reacting to what you eat. 

Ideally, you want your “HEC to be in check.” That means you feel full after you eat, your energy is up and stable, and you have zero cravings. It also means your metabolism is strong and flexible. 

If HEC is not in check, you simply adjust one macronutrient at a time — whether that’s adding or subtracting protein, fiber, fat or starch from your meals. 

That’s key: if you want to strengthen your metabolism (and fuel your immune system), you always want to adjust

NUTRITION first — not exercise.  

And that’s where we’ll jump in with today’s video lecture. I lay out a super-simple, 5 day plan that shows you exactly what nutrient to adjust and how.  

Then, you simply analyze your HEC after every meal. If it’s in check, great! If not? You’ll know what to do the next day. 

It’s easier than it sounds. Let me walk you through it now:  

I hope you’re enjoying this free immune system crash course. Please feel free to leave us a comment or question below!