Let’s face it. The COVID-19 situation is probably one of the biggest challenges most of us have ever faced. And it’s certainly one of the biggest challenges the planet has ever faced.

But it also comes with a huge number of opportunities.

I’m not talking about opportunities like designing high-tech set-ups for streaming talk shows, or setting up cottage industries selling masks on Etsy.

I’m talking about personal opportunities.

The opportunity to re- commit to your own health and to the health of your families. The opportunity to re-connect with your own values and dreams (yes, even in less-than-perfect circumstances). The opportunity to spend more time getting to know yourself. The opportunity to be of service. The opportunity to really work on yourself.

The Immunity Challenge is a place where you can take advantage of some of those opportunities and actually create something wonderful in 30 days—a healthier and more resilient you.

In the next 30 days, our team will give you our best tips for fortifying your immunity and staying healthy during the crisis—and, as an extra added benefit, beyond the crisis as well. (And have no doubt, this crisis will be behind us one day!)

You’ll get daily written content from me—hopefully in short, readable bites— workouts from Dr. Jade Teta, daily tips on food and cooking from Bella Yon, and a community of people with whom you share the desire and determination to do what it takes to build the strongest defense system possible for yourselves and your loved ones.

For example, here are three tips you can put into practice right now. We’ll be talking much more about why these are so important in the days to come, but for now, just do them!

  1. Get off Facebook. Or significantly limit the time you spend on it. I’ll explain why on Day Five.
  2. Take a walk! (Daily if you can, preferably near greenery. I’ll explain the details on Days Ten and Twelve. Meanwhile, just do it!)
  3. Begin taking (at least) 2,000 mg of vitamin C a day every day (and continue for the foreseeable future). Forget the nay-sayers. Vitamin C is essential for immunity– I’ll explain what it does and why you should take it on Day Seven.

Remember that we’re all in this together, and that together we can weather so much more than any of us could ever hope to weather alone.

So, welcome!

We’re glad you’re with us on what’s going to be a pretty incredible journey of strengthening, renewal, commitment and growth.


Dr. Jonny