Dieters almost always fail because they have this very wrong belief that there is a perfect diet out there, somewhere, and they just need to find it. The truth? No matter what Keto Kyle, Paleo Pauley, Fasting Fred, or Vegan Vera try to tell you, there is no such thing as the perfect diet.

Those who are successful don’t discover a diet; instead, they create the right diet for themselves. They don’t follow a diet; they build a lifestyle that fits their unique physiology, psychology, and personal preferences to be sustainable for life.

They do this by using a methodology and mindset very different from what’s typical. Rather than focusing on what’s currently in vogue, they focus on their own body’s reaction. They don’t study books, blogs, podcasts, food lists, and research; they study themselves. They do it through trial and error and slowly build a lifestyle while simultaneously giving up short-term dieting.

We humans are funny; we realize that mastery is a process, not a recipe in most other worthwhile endeavors. In other words, if you want to be a great pianist, there is no procedure you follow from start to finish that provides a linear and predictable outcome. The process is individual and has ups and downs, peaks and valleys, with great triumphs followed by frustrating failures.

All along the way, we learn, practice, and master the steps until we become proficient. This process of practicing to achieve mastery is an individual journey we all must make, and it applies to health & fitness too. If you really want to change, you will give up being the dieter and become a metabolic detective instead.

A detective does not solve problems by following a predefined recipe. She learns to master the skill of observation and lets the clues gathered guide her to the solution.

Whereas dieters see the world in only black and white, detectives see all the shades of gray, and rather than shying away from the complexity, they embrace it. 

Detectives put aside all of their preconceived notions about rules of exercise and food. Things like, 

  • Carbs are the devil 
  • Never skip breakfast!
  • Eat less and exercise more is the only way to lose weight.

Detectives break through these scripts and explore whether or not they’re true.

Detectives follow the only rule of dieting: do what works for you.

Being a detective is about searching for the perfect mix of ingredients that helo you feel great, lose weight, and improve laboratory blood values and vital stats. If eating jelly beans all day gives you that kind of health and vitality, then that is what your body needs, no matter what the latest fitness book says.

So let go of the dieter mentality, become the detective, and discover what works for YOU.