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My team and I do extensive research to formulate our products with only THE best ingredients that have health enhancing metabolic effects. We source our ingredients from only the best suppliers (even if that’s on the other side of the world, like with our grass-fed whey protein concentrate from the pesticide-free, green pastures of Australia.)

– Dr. Dean Raffelock - Head Product Formulator

At Metabolic Living, we’ve built a full ecosystem of products that allow someone to live a metabolism-first lifestyle. This includes exercise and nutrition programs, nutraceuticals, functional foods, memberships and coaching programs. Everything we offer puts YOU back in control. It helps YOU understand how your body and metabolism works. It empowers YOU to fix your own problems. And because it alleviates the frustration and confusion so many of us experience when trying to fix our health, it makes you want to tell the world about them.

We know we haven’t made it easy to purchase or reorder our products, and for that we apologize. However, we are in the middle of designing, coding and developing an eCommerce storefront that will launch soon…and we can’t wait!

But in the meantime, take a look at some of our products we currently offer and if you have any questions just give us a call at 1-888-824-8826.

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Metabolic Super Protein® Available in Creamy Vanilla and Dark Chocolate

Metabolic Spark®

Metabolic Super Omegas®


Metabolic Optimization Coaching

Work one-on-one with our Metabolic Optimization Coaches to lose weight, adopt healthy habits and balance your hunger, energy, and cravings.

You'll be matched with a coach who is uniquely qualified to address your personal goals and obstacles. Our coaches consider your physiology, psychology, personal preferences, and practical circumstances to create a lifestyle that works for YOU.

  • Custom nutrition & fitness plans -crafted for you, based on your preferences.
  • A dedicated, personal Coach for motivation, support and direction
  • Exclusive access to education videos, worksheets and exercises by Dr. Jade Teta
  • A program that fits around your life, based on the movement, foods and activities you enjoy

Metabolic Mastery Club Membership

Our 10,000+ active members of MMC are able to access to more metabolic boosting tools from the Metabolic Living team to help meet their goals. Here are just some of the perks:

New recipes & nutritional tips from our
lead nutritionist Bella Yon

Access to new workouts to target those
frustrating trouble spots

Private webinars & motivational videos from
experts like Dr. Jonny

Emotional support from the community,
experts, coaches and nutritionists

Customized Meal Plans

A new done-for-you “fast start” meal planning service that involves NO guessing or counting calories or carbs – it’s simple.

First, you fill out a survey and then our team of gourmet chefs and metabolic nutritionists will build you a 4-week delicious meal plan with easy-to-make recipes 100% customized for you to help you burn fat faster and keep it off. The program is still in beta… but here are some of the delicious recipes we’ve made for beta testers in the program:

Metabolic Taco Salad
Protein Piccata
Cauliflower Falafel Salad
Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes

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