Hey what’s up, it’s Dr. Jade Teta here. 

Over the past few lessons, we’ve talked a lot about biofeedback signals as a way to measure metabolism.  

These are physical sensations — like your hunger, energy and cravings (HEC) — that indicate how your meals are impacting your metabolism.  

And that’s important to know if you want to know how strong your immune system REALLY is… 

Because remember, the stronger your metabolism, the more power your immune system has to defend you. So, we can measure the strength of your immune system by evaluating the strength and flexibility of your metabolism.  

Biofeedback — or what’s going on INSIDE your body — is just half of the equation. We can also measure metabolic function with body shape change.  

Now, I’m not just talking about your weight. Weight is important… but the scale isn’t the most ACCURATE way to measure body change.  

I’ll explain why… and show you the best method for measuring body change… in the quick video below:  

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