Hey, it’s Dr. Jade Teta here.  

I have to admit, I often laugh at how many “diet” books there are on Amazon. (There’s over 60,000 — including two of my own.) 

I laugh because there’s no such thing as an effective “one size fits all” diet.  

The reality is, your metabolism is 100% unique TO YOU. That’s why most “diets” don’t work for most people — and why it’s so funny that authors keep trying to make a diet that does! 

Let’s get real. You don’t want to “diet.” What you WANT to do is eat tasty meals that fuel your immune system, make you feel good, and help you lose weight — gently and permanently — for life. Right?  

Well, that’s as simple as pinpointing the ideal eating style for YOUR body. And when you find the right eating style for YOUR body, it’s like a superpower: 

  • You free yourself from energy rollercoasters…  
  • You no longer experience that uncontrollable feeling of “hangriness”…  
  • The cravings that once drove you to raid the pantry for anything crunchy, sweet or salty are gone… 
  • And, you can stay focused and productive for 4 to 6 hours without needing to eat.   

Coincidentally, the best foods for gentle, permanent weight loss are also perfect fuel for the immune system. They tend to be high in nutrients, great for your gut (where the bulk of your immune system lives), and they’re anti-inflammatory, which frees up your immune system to fight microbes instead of “micro-injuries” inside your body. 

I know — that sounds like a lot of big promises. Just check out the quick video lesson below.  

I’ll show you where to start with a “basic” metabolic meal… and 5 specific criteria to help you determine whether a meal is ideal for YOU.  

Then it’s up to you to investigate how the meal made you feel, and tweak from there. Again, I’ll show you what to do here: 

By the way, you can also apply these criteria to the last few meals you’ve had. Ask, how did you feel after you ate? That will give you a great idea of where to go next, as you eat your way to the perfect eating style for you.  

Remember, the most EFFECTIVE thing you can do to boost immunity is to strengthen your metabolism, because your metabolism POWERS your immune system.  

I hope you’re enjoying this free immune system crash course. Please feel free to leave us a comment or question below!