Don’t ignore the foundation, or overlook the basics. Here’s why.

🎵 We’re bringing se-

Oops. I mean, we’re bringing basic back!

That’s right. Things like, eating real food and moving your body more.

The basics in terms of health and fitness might not be trendy or exciting, but they are effective. So why rock the boat if the basics already work? That’s actually a valid question, and there are many reasons why humans tend to brush over the basics in favour of something more spicy, fun, or even sexy.

🎵 Cue JT’s “Sexy Back”.

Jokes aside, health and fitness industry trends come and go. What’s “so hot right now” might be “so NOT hot next year”. That comment is not meant to discredit any approach or program that encourages folks to improve their health habits. In fact, our mantra at Metabolic is (and always will be): do what works for you!

If you want to lift weights, go for it! If you hate the gym but you love to swim and dance, I hope there’s a dance aquatic class out there for you to join!

Your preferences for exercise, movement, nutrition and eating habits can vary significantly and still be effective – if they are done in personally meaningful ways within the context of YOUR needs, goals, and practical circumstances.

The basics lay the foundation. In the words of James Clear, Author of the popular book Atomic Habits, “Don’t overlook the basics. Don’t ignore the foundation. How long can a tree remain standing without the roots?”

James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

The basics are not going to change based on your dietary preferences. Eating less junk food overall is equally as important whether you choose to follow a vegan diet or a ketogenic diet. Moving your body more each day is important for all folks regardless of their exercise preferences.

To improve our metabolic health in sustainable and meaningful ways, we ought to start with the basics. At Metabolic, we call the basics “the 4Ms of Metabolism“. They include Mindfulness, Movement, Meals, and Metabolics.

  • movement (your steps in a day) 
  • meals (what you eat and drink)
  • metabolics (fancy word for exercise & includes supplements) 
  • mindset/mindfulness (how you perceive stress, buffer stress and its effects on metabolism)

From that place, we weave in our personal preferences.

A healthier diet and lifestyle can take many forms. If it is rooted firmly in the basics, it will stand the test of time for YOU. From that perspective, it will always be “so hot right now”.

Photo by Emma Gossett on Unsplash