Hey, what’s up? It’s Dr. Jade Teta here.  

Most people think fat-burning is a simple, one-step process. The metabolism says, “BURN FAT!” and then, voila — fat is burned.  

If that was true, it might not be so difficult to lose weight.  

But unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  

The thing is, burning fat is a complicated process, involving multiple different hormones, cells and systems all working together. 

In reality, there are FOUR steps to fat-burning… and all four must go right. If any of the four steps are blocked or disrupted, fat-burning is impossible.  

Here they are:  

· RELEASE. Fat is stored in fat cells. So it must first be released from the fat cell and carried into the bloodstream. 

· TRANSPORT. The bloodstream must successfully deliver fat to the “hungry cells” where it can be burned for energy, like those in your muscles, organs, and brain.  

· ENTER. The cell must allow the fat inside.  

· BURN. Then, the mitochondria—the tiny fat-burning engines inside your cells—must kick on and burn hot enough to break down all the delivered fat.  

As you can see, it’s quite the journey. And there’s plenty that can go wrong along the way. 

Thankfully, there’s a LOT you can do to increase the likelihood of all four steps going perfectly… and thus, significantly boost the amount of body fat your metabolism can physically burn.  

In the lecture below, I’ll go over all four steps in more detail… and show you how to make sure they all go right.  

That way, you can help your metabolism more easily burn fat… which helps ensure your immune system has all the power it needs to defend you from dangerous microbes. 

Remember, the most EFFECTIVE thing you can do to boost immunity is to strengthen your metabolism, because your metabolism POWERS your immune system.  

And for most people, a strong, resilient metabolism runs best on fat. 

I hope you’re enjoying this free immune system crash course. Please feel free to leave us a comment or question below!