People think that you find purpose – like you’re going on a mission, searching for it. But in reality, you create it.

Purpose is something that you choose, like choosing to be a particular way in your life. When we look at it through that lens, we also see that purpose evolves. As we learn, teach, and share with others, how we choose to “be” evolves and grows with us. 

Let’s look at the elements that make up purpose. Purpose incorporates several elements:

  • our people (“you’re my person”)
  • our personality traits & perspective (includes early life experiences and how we see the world)
  • our passions (many of us confuse this with purpose, but they’re different)
  • our superpowers (strengths)
  • our pain & suffering 

In other words, we’ve all had a unique journey up until this very moment. You and I have been on a “hero’s journey”. And on this journey, we’ve been exposed to many different types of people with different personalities and perspectives. We’ve developed different passions and talents. And of course, we have suffered and endured hurt. All of this arms us with ammunition – our superpowers, unique personality traits, and perspective on life, which informs the choice of purpose. 

All of this creates a unique fingerprint that makes you, well, you. This stuff guides you as you create purpose. It informs your choice of how you will be, and what you will uniquely bring into the world. 

The Four Jobs Of Every Human

“When you are tapped into the Four Jobs of Every Human: Finances, Fitness & Health, Personal Relationships, and Purpose, you have a much easier time feeling happier, centered, and more fulfilled because you know that you’ve taken care of these basic things that every human has to do. Of course, each and every single one of us suffers in one or more of these areas at any one time and most of us are struggling with all four. There’s nothing wrong with that but being a Next Level Human is about saying, ‘Okay, let me be aware of these four jobs, let me look and be honest about how well I’m doing with them, and let me grow and learn to get better at them because if I can’t do my four jobs, I can’t contribute my gifts fully to Team Human.”

– Dr. Jade Teta, Wellness Force

Brainstorm activity. How will you live and do your purpose inside of the 4 Jobs?

  • Wealth: how does finance and earning a living help you manage your purpose? How does having money push your purpose forward? 
  • Health: how does being healthy, vital, and fit push your purpose forward? 
  • People: think about the people in your life – the people you engage with, learn from, and teach. How do they inform your purpose?
  • Purpose: purpose itself is one of the major jobs

See and utilize the 4 jobs as a framework to be more purposeful in your life. On the flip side, think about how your purpose serves the 4 jobs.

Share your story 

When you think about purpose, you want to be thinking about sharing your story. 

Sharing your story is about sharing the lessons you have learned on your hero’s journey. Purpose is what we bring uniquely into the world – something that nobody else can deliver. 

-> What do you deliver to the world with your unique voice and perspective? 

Think about what you give to the world, not what you get from it. Sharing your journey, your insights, and the lessons you have learned from your pain, suffering, and hurt creates positive ripples in the world long after you’re gone. Talk about a legacy, right?

Inspiration. There are many ways to share your purpose. Social media allows us to easily share our journey, insights, and lessons in our unique voice. If that’s not a great way to utilize social media, I’m not sure what is!

Share your skill

Every time we share, we reinforce what we have learned and who we are being. We also solidify the choices we have made, and the honor code we created for ourselves. 

Inspiration. Sharing your skill is about helping people on the journey you’ve already been on. When you can look back and say “I have done this“, you are uniquely suited to help others do a similar thing. You want to be intentional about this. Every morning when you wake up, and every night when you go to bed, think about how you are a unique experience and example in the world. How can you bring that unique experience and example to the world? 

Remember, there are those who can only hear your voice.

It is true that there might be others teaching the same things, but there are people who can only hear that message from you. Some people are uniquely tuned to you. There are some people who can only ever get the message from YOU.

You have a duty to show up and do your purpose for those people who only you can help. This is how you solidify the being you are creating. 

Here are some ways to create, live, and do your purpose today:

Purpose Visualization: every night before you go to bed, see yourself (your superhero self) projected in the future (3, 5, and 10 years in the future). Now, create your future reality in your mind’s eye.

Practice visualization: this is like a dress rehearsal of the day. How does a person with your purpose and creative potential go through their day? Step by step, think: how do they eat, exercise, interact with others, etc?

Daily audit: Remember that things sometimes go wrong. And those bring you unique opportunities to learn. Think about the things that could go wrong, and how you might respond. 

Fear PR (personal records): Within the idea of engagement (to take conscious, definitive action) and resolve (the ability to transcend fear and rise after failure), is sharing and creating personal records for yourself – setting intentions to attack a new fear, and learn something new. 

Generosity PR (personal records): Sharing and giving. Like Fear PRs, you can do the same things with generosity PRs. Compared to this week, how might you up-level your generosity next week, month, year, etc?

Boundaries: it is critical to have boundaries. No one goes through this world without having their energetic resources challenged. Firm boundaries established by your honor code will ensure long-term success. 


See your purpose. Practice your visualization. Think about what might go wrong. Challenge yourself with new fear PRs. Be generous (more generous than the year before). And, create firm boundaries to manage your energetic resources. 

As Dr. Jade Teta likes to say: I believe we are here living this life for three reasons and three reasons only; to learn, to teach and to love.

On that note, remember to learn, teach, and love as you create your purpose.

The content of this post was adapted from Dr. Jade Teta’s Metabolic Master Program: Module 12. Interested in joining our Metabolic Optimization Health Coaching Program? We’d love to have you! Work one-on-one with our Metabolic Optimization Coaches to lose weight, adopt healthy habits and balance your hunger, energy, and cravings.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash