Have you ever pondered making a change only to push it aside for later because the timing wasn’t perfect? You’re not alone if you’re waiting for life to get easier or less stressful but imagine this. What if there won’t be a better time?

Almost anyone can show up when it’s easy. Showing up when it’s hard, when you’re tired and when life interferes is a different ballgame. It’s the foundation of long-term success.

In the words of Alex Hormezi, “If you’re waiting for when you’re less busy to start a new habit/program, it assumes that when you get busy again, you’ll stop.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

The first time I read those words, a light bulb went off in my head. I’ve heard variations of the same message before, but this particular time and/or messaging resonated on a whole new level.

As a health coach, I feel called to share this perspective shift with you because just like you, I do the exact same thing. It’s logical! I want my health and fitness efforts to feel easier too. Yet, waiting doesn’t guarantee more of anything – time, opportunity or energy. More importantly, waiting until life gets easier doesn’t build resilience. Doing the work when it isn’t convenient creates self-trust, confidence and the capacity to bounce back more quickly and easily from difficult times. Who wouldn’t want that?

Don’t get me wrong. There will always be legitimate reasons to pause or delay our health and fitness efforts. We need to refocus our time and energy depending on life’s circumstances and shifting priorities. That’s ok. There is no shame or blame in this. You do you! All I’m suggesting is that you do a check-in from time to time. These very legitimate reasons easily become reasons for prolonged disruption and delay at the cost of our mental and physical health.

There won’t be a better time.

In the same quote, Alex Hormezi goes on to say “If you want enduring change, the best time to start is when you’re busy. Learn how to make it work in the worst condition, and it’ll stick in the best.”

Starting in the worst condition does not need to be overwhelming, expensive, or time-consuming. Even in the best conditions, fitness and health won’t be overhauled overnight! Consider small shifts that can easily be repeated daily or on a regular basis. What lifestyle changes could enhance your life right now, especially when you’re feeling stressed, tired or anxious? A 10-minute workout or going to bed 30 minutes earlier is an important act of self-kindness that when prioritized, deepens your vitality and strengthens your mind & body for further change.

Choose small actions over inaction today.

There’s value in maintaining a habit. When it’s hard, remember that even small and scaled-back versions of your health habits are better than nothing. A 5-minute workout is better than no workout. A side salad with your burger is better than a burger with no salad or a burger with fries. Not only are you keeping the habit intact by engaging in a scaled-back version, but you’re also telling your brain that you DO show up for yourself even when it’s tough. Not everything about this journey is physical. It’s also deeply psychological. Meaning, you will be challenged by your inner critic.

It’s normal and part of the process to have bad days

It’s very likely that circumstances will never be perfect. There will be many days when focus, time, and energy are less than ideal. I acknowledge that reality with kindness, respect and personal understanding. At the same time, I also acknowledge that it’s not supposed to be easy or effortless or exciting. If health and fitness are like a long-term relationship, I’m not going to bail when it gets tough. Just keeping moving in the direction of your goals with an open mind and an open heart. There are many paths forward.

Showing up when it’s hard, when you’re tired and when life interferes is the foundation of long-term success. “Learn how to make it work in the worst condition, and it’ll stick in the best.”

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash